HorseMate is an organic humate supplement for the equine sector, containing Fulvic and Humic Acids derived from ancient plant matter. Fulvic cid is an electrolyte, which can maintain cellular balance whilst Humic Acid can maintain digestive health. Horses have been found to respond so well to natural compounds and the capacity to boost gut biology while also increasing nutrient and associated feed utilisation.

Benefits of HorseMate:

  • Boosts gut biology
  • Helps to maintain nutrient uptake
  • Maintains optimum digestive health
  • Aids in the healing of mud rash
  • Calming impact upon horses
  • Can be fed with other feeds and supplements

Testimonials for StockMate

I would just like to say how great I have found HorseMate.  I started using it about two months ago now and have found it has not only produced a beautiful dappled shinny coat on all my horses. it has cleared up all the mud like rash that a couple of them get from the sun on their noses and white socks.  I no longer need to use sunblock products as HorseMate has cleared all this up.  I have also found my highly spirited horse to be calmer which always makes life with him so much better.  Thank you HorseMate your product is fantastic!”

- Jo Lee Pukekohe.

“I have been using HorseMate for the past 12 months and have noticed it to be very effective in calming the temperament of horses that are affected by grazing on a straight grass diet. I have also found it to be responsible for the dramatic healing of a horse with a case of mud fever.”

- Nigel McCoard, Southland

HorseMate - for better horse health | Southern Humates

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