It works!
  • Grow more grass with less N
  • Make calf rearing easy

The biological way to
boost growth on your farm.

Southern Humates offers you the very best in soil and animal health for your farm. Using nutrient-rich humate from a unique humate stream in Southland, Southern Humates have consistently high levels of humic acid in its products.

Southern Humates is backed by scientific research, has been independently tested and is certified for organic input.

Humic acids are essential to life on earth and when they become depleted through modern farming practices, soil problems develop resulting in poor performance of plants and stock.

Southern Humates stimulate microbial activity within the soil, which increases bacteria and fungi levels, leading to improved plant quality, better yields and greater productivity.

Based in the Southland region of New Zealand, our product is supplied from a privately owned humate seam in Waituna, Southland that has been found to produce a consistently superior humate product.