Southern Humates

Our humates are extracted from a privately owned seam in Waituna, Southland, which has found to be consistently high in Humic Acid

Southern Humates have:

  • High levels of humic acid 42 – 46%
  • High levels of carbon, up to 60%
  • High CEC up to 145
  • Are softer than other humates
  • No chemicals added during extraction
  • Biogro Certified (Biogro Number 5638)

As a soil conditioner to stimulate microbial activity and soil fertility, stimulates fungal activity and fungal mass, increases water retention.

Can be spread on its own or mixed with products such as urea, lime or other fertiliser blends, to reduce leaching and to increase nutrient uptake in the plants.

Fine Humate can be used in Tow and Fert and spread with other fertiliser blends.

Application Rates:

  • Pasture: 50 – 100 Kg/Ha
  • Avocado/Kiwifruit: 200 – 300 Kg/Ha
  • Fertiliser Mix: 10-15% of mix
  • When using with Tow and Fert, Fine Humate at a rate of 5-10 Kg/Ha per round.

Available in:
Coarse Grade Humate Screened 1-4mm

  • 20 Kg Bags
  • 500 Kg Bulk Bags
  • 1000 Kg Bulk Bags

Premium Grade Humate Screened 0-4mm

  • 20 Kg Bags
  • 500 Kg Bulk Bags
  • 1000 Kg Bulk Bags

Fine Grade Humate Screened 0-1mm

  • 20 Kg Bags
  • 500 Kg Bulk Bags

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