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Humates are part of a group of humic substances that make up the soil humus.  This soil humus plays an important role for not only the soil organisms living below the soil, but also for those animals living above.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of understanding and appreciation for these humic substances, modern farming practices have stripped large quantities of humus from the soil.   The end result is that animals are not receiving enough of these valuable humic substances in their diet.  Adding Southern Humates to farming practices is one of the reason why farmers who feed humates to their stock are seeing such great benefits in animal health.

Southern Humates supplies organic certified humate for Animal Health as StockMate for Calves, Goats and Sheep and HorseMate for the equine sector.

Our Animal Health Products


Southern Humates have long held a passion for healthy farms. After developing its natural humate for soil health, Southern Humates turned to the next phase of farm health: the animals. This new product, StockMate, is the answer to consistent and natural stock health.

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HorseMate is an organic humate supplement for the equine sector, containing Fulvic and Humic Acids derived from ancient plant matter. Fulvic cid is an electrolyte, which can maintain cellular balance whilst Humic Acid can maintain digestive health.

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Healthy calfs, thanks to Southern Humates

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