Southern Humates have long held a passion for healthy farms. After developing its natural humate for soil health, Southern Humates turned to the next phase of farm health: the animals. This new product, StockMate, is the answer to consistent and natural stock health.

StockMate is certified for organic input and is one of the most natural ways to combat diarrhoea in calves. Being high in carbon, it works as a detox within the gut, keeping the animal health and happy. StockMate can be used on calves, cows and horses to promote good gut health, strength and condition.

Benefits of StockMate

  • Powerful detoxifying agent
  • Supports immune system receptors in the gut lining
  • Reduction in somatic cell counts in dairy herds
  • Forms a protective film on the mucous lining of the gastro-intestinal tract.
Healthy calfs, thanks to Southern Humates

Testimonials for StockMate

“We had been treating a 2-month old calf which had severe diarrhoea with antibiotics and electrolytes for three days, but its health was deteriorating rapidly and we didn’t expect it to see the next sunrise. We turned to StockMate as our last resort and the following morning there was a remarkable improvement. The calf was standing and had an appetite. We continued with StockMate and three days later it was strong enough to join the other calves at the milk bar. After this experience we provided humates to all our calves and found we had to replenish them every morning. Our experience is that StockMate reduces diarrhoea, supports health and weight gain. We will definitely be feeding our calves StockMate again next calving season.”

- Chris and Vinkie Botha, Southland

“This year we used StockMate for the first time after having it recommended to us by a dairy farmer, and had good results. My husband and I farm in Mid Canterbury where we rear 800 calves annually. Normally when transitioning calves from whole milk to milk powder, we experience a bit of a check in their growth rate, as well as some scours. In the pens where we fed StockMate on an ad lib basis, the calves transitioned better onto milk powder and they looked healthier. We will be using StockMate again next year.”

- R Fitzgerald, Canterbury

“We have been rearing large numbers of calves for 15 years now. This year we reared 650 calves and it was the first year we have used StockMate. As a whole the calves looked much better compared to other years, with bright eyes and shiny coats. They didn’t scour the same and just looked healthy. StockMate was left for them at the end of their meal feeder so they could eat it as often as they wanted. The calves had no problem finding it and liked eating it.”

- Andrew Mitchell, Southland

“I use StockMate during spring calving when the somatic cell count is high. I top the palm kernel trailer with a bag of it every day for about three weeks. The StockMate brings the cell count right down and keeps it down every time. I have no troubles getting the cows to eat it.”

- Johan Roos, North Otago

“I have been rearing calves since 2008 and have been searching for ways to simplify my methods to save time and increase the general health and development of my heifers with a more natural approach. I found StockMate, produced by Southern Humates, much to my surprise, near our farm in Wyndham. I have used it ever since and cannot see myself rearing calves without it. I make sure every newborn calf gets a mouthful as soon as possible after its arrival to the pens. This perks them up and activates their appetites, which saves me time due to their eager feeding. I do the same for my bobbies. I leave StockMate in each pen to enable ad lib feeding, which they do happily. I add it on top of their water supply and they get into drinking water the same day. I haven’t bought electrolytes or Scourban for three seasons now and I do not use antibiotics either. I am a solo calf rearer for two farms (350-400 heifers) and have no trouble with rotavirus or any other gut related diseases, on a property with a history of seasonal outbreaks. I have seen StockMate detox, hydrate, break fever, perk up, encourage water intake and keep calves’ tummies firm. I strongly suspect it helps with their rumen development as well due to my heifers increasingly reaching earlier weaning weights.”

- Michelle Roos, North Otago

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