About Humates

Humate is a pure form of organic matter. It is an accumulation of partially decayed forest and other carbon-rich plant residues that have been compressed and preserved over the ages.

These humate deposits are high in carbon, natural minerals and trace elements, and are referred to as humic substances. They also contain two very powerful bioactive acids: humic acid and fulvic acid.

Humic acid is essential to life on earth. It is present in the organic matter that feeds plants as well as bacteria, fungi and nematodes. These in turn provide food for larger soil organisms, which in turn provide food for even larger organisms further up the food chain. This is the important process we know as nutrient cycling and is what provides many of the nutrients in the soil to feed our plants.

Even though soils already contain varying levels of humus, humates not only bolster that existing humus, they are dynamic in promoting and stimulating the growth of soil biology vital for healthy and productive soils.

Our Humates

Our product is supplied from a privately owned humate seam in Waituna, Southland, which has been found to produce a consistently superior humate product.

Our humates have:

  • High levels of humic acid
  • No chemicals added during extraction
  • BioGro organic certification (BioGro number 5638)

Independent laboratory testing of Southern Humates has confirmed that humic acid levels in our product are consistently high.

Our Company

Southern Humates is owned by Sinclair Contracting Ltd, who have a long history providing agricultural contracting services to farms throughout Southland for more than 100 years.

We’re not just skilled with usual contracting services such as cultivation, silage harvesting, baling and earthworks, muck and effluent spreading – we see first-hand how healthy soils make all the difference to the outcomes on farms. We know Southern Humates can make a difference on your farm.

Get in touch and we can work with you to create a more profitable, resilient, environmentally sound and more rewarding farming enterprise.