Southern Humates for Horticulture

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Humate is a specialised soil treatment for improving soil structure and plant nutrient availability. The application of humates help support vigorous plant growth and promotes soil microbial activity.

Southern Humates, based in Southland, New Zealand,  products are high in Humic Acid. Recent lab analysis found Southern Humates sourced product contained 48.16% Humic Acid.   Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid are extremely important as a medium in transporting nutrients from the soil to the plant because humic and fulvic acids hold onto ionized nutrients, preventing them from leaching away. Humic Acid are also attracted to the depletion zone of the plant root. When humic and fulvic acid arrive at the root, they bring along water and nutrients the plant needs to thrive.

Positive ions are more easily absorbed by a plant’s root because the root has a negative charge.  In other words, the positive (cation) is attracted and absorbed by a plant’s root, improving micronutrient transfer to the plants circulation system.  Soil high in Humic levels can dramatically increase yields.

Southern Humates is available in a solid material form as a premium grade to add to a fertiliser plan or in a fine grade for a tow and fert application, but also, available as a liquid applied as a foliar spray.

Application of humates differs depending upon whether in a solid form or liquids. Solid forms are best applied in autumn and spring whereas liquid is best applied in a foliar spray after bud burst.

Not all humate is equal in humic and fulvic levels.  Southern Humates regularly undertakes independent lab testing which has consistently shown a high level of humic acids along with fulvic acid and other essential trace elements.

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